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The third eye cosmic skulls are a collection of NFTs for collectors that wish to be part of a conscious community and are ready to cocreate the roadmap of the collection.

Together we have the potential to create inspiring and transformative talks, workshops, expos and festivals to promote and support all aspects of health, wellbeing, conscious living and spirituality to help achieving both physical and mental well-being. 

  • Distributed on the Polygon network with no gas fee. 

  • The total first supply is set to #33 at a price of 0.033 ETH

  • All the skulls are unique and handmade and are not categorized by rarity.

  • 10% of the sales of the third eye cosmic skulls will be reinvested to run charity based projects.

All designs have been created with the Procreate app by the artist Sabela García Cuesta in her iPad. ​

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Date: 2.2.22

First drop of #30 Third Eye Cosmic Skulls.

The aim is to grow a community organically, with joy, fun and people that are engaged and passionate.

We encourage sharing on Discord our knowledge on different topics related to the NFT space but also in other topics like travel, food, sports, mindfulness, dancing, expressing and much more.

We are interested on everything that can contribute to achieve a healthy mind-body-spirit balance. We have started organising virtual events hosted by community members like breathing sessions and sound baths.

The most exciting is that we can all co-create this community and this is just the begging.

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  • What do the skulls mean?

The skulls in this collection are not more than a reminder of what is left after we take off our flesh and ego. 

  • Why should I collect one of the skulls?

As a skull holder, you are welcome to cocreate with us in the space, host events, share tips ... We encourage you above all to share your skills and ask for help. As member of the community, we have your back.

We have also recently started hosting community events in real life and online where skull owners have FREE access (more info on Discord in the channel "events").

Also skulls members will be getting airdropped goodies and presents. The bigger and stronger the community grows, the more we can reinvest on it. Besides that, if you own a skull, you have a personal amulet to remind you of sharing love, light and gratitude everyday.

  • Are there going to be more drops of skulls?

We started with our first drop of 33 skulls for 0.033 ETH . The collectors were early adopters, friends and friends of friends. The next drop of 33 skulls will be launched on the second half of the year 22 for a price of 0.066 ETH on their own smart contract once the first drop is sold out

  • Are you supporting any charity? 

Any time a drop is sold out, we will be hands on organizing a charity event ourselves offering a few of the activities that we promote within our community to different people with less access to them (food, meditation, yoga, sports, painting). These sessions will be supported with a part of the funds collected from the sale of the NFTs and we will update our community via Discord to also invite them to participate and contribute physically if it is possible for them. We have collaborated in the past with Crunch&Brunch 

Home: Case Studies
Untitled_Artwork 9.gif
Untitled_Artwork 9.gif


Home: Case Studies
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